The Great American Melting Pot Or The Big Apple

Inquisitive indulgence is an urge stimulated by places of aggressive activity as well as silent, suspiciously calm atmospheres. Mind are there to think, imagine, form images and ideas that drives individuals to contemplate what is to be done next as everything that is seen and heard do leave impressions that will yield some kind of behaviour to follow. What is perceived is stored in words, pictures and thoughts but interpretations of these vary immensely from people to people and also generate expanding ideas until finally settle in crystallized state. Unlimited thinking needs guidance to delimit them with concreteness and finality lest they go wild. On the other hand an object could be seen from many angles and each of this will project some unique facet, shade, poignancy. There are diverse expressions of one and the same figure, place, and event and in each feelings and moods together with changing complexions are what make images to create explicit impressions.

A contrast to vast fields of pasturelands or sunny ocean beaches is the great hub of the US where people from all over jostle for various purposes; business, leisure, shopping, entertainment, gambling etc. Quiet and cam is not in the vocabulary of this area and hence, a New York photographer is a type of his own in technique, taste and lifestyle. Tall skyscrapers are inevitable and cannot be avoided if shooting a picture for they intrude from every corner into the frame. But it is also a mastery that is required to catch the excitements and moods of the people and objects in this zone. Firstly, he or she has to be understood by the populace. Of course the kitbag will show it. More than that, the way the paparazzi wades through the crowd has to be an acceptable demeanour or else the project will be adjourned even before the first click.

Camera men and women are welcome though in this most modern urban jungle but it takes only the familiarized feet and eyes to be successful to capture pictures that will assume high value. Movements in this concrete hub are so diverse but vivid and a New York photographer should have been meandering about here for a while if possible through all four seasons objectively in order to notice the unique nuances which differ from other cities around the world. This iris of the camera or video cam will function according to the natural iris of the operator which is instructed by his/ her repertoire of impressions and knowledge in the brain. Preparing the mind on what to focus is the basic strategy.

Being more of a global hotspot of activities, culture and behaviour patterns are a hotchpotch and it takes cameraman days of observation and study before the lens could pan around. If capturing events, a thorough knowledge of the venue, background of the occasion, the kinds of people and society involved etc, is essential. This is important s as a picture would speak too, not in words but by the elements which are important to them. Hence, avoid impertinent titbits.